Why Alicia Keys #nomakeup look is not quite as real as it seems

The singers comeback relies around not masking and it is yours just for 300

So apparently , Alicia Keys, whose comeback continues to be based on the idea of being makeup-free, isnt as untouched as she states be. A week ago, within an interview with W magazine, her makeup artist Dotti says Keys wears brow definer, self-tanning anti-ageing serum and mattifier that total greater than 300. The singer will also apply cucumber pulp and does ice focus on her skin (moving an ice stick on her behalf face before the bloodstream rushes towards the surface) to offer the bare, fresh-faced naturalism she’s after. It practically makes her skin say, Hi. I really like you, Dotti explains.

Keys continues to be lauded on her #nomakeup look and contains been central to a different album campaign, underscored by tastefully shot black-and-white-colored photos. In May, she penned a letter for Lenny (Lena Dunhams online e-newsletter) explaining why she was ditching heavy cosmetics. In a single song I authored, known as Whenever a Girl Cant Be Herself, Keyes authored. It states: Each morning in the minute I awaken / let’s say I shouldn’t placed on everything makeup / who states I have to hide what Im made from / Maybe all of this Maybelline is covering my esteem. I shouldn’t hide anymore. Not my face, not my thoughts, not my soul, my ideas, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.

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Keys has drawn on in to the humblebrag movement from the moment. Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Beyonc and Laverne Cox have published #nomakeup selfies on social networking to create a statement concerning the tyranny of recent beauty ideals. Nicely, obviously, while turning up how ridiculously good-searching all of them are.

Balenciaga. No make up today.

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A week ago, Kim Kardashian tweeted: Think Im gonna put on no constitute today in the Balenciaga show. Her appearance was particularly toned lower and appears to signal a brand new beauty phase for that reality star, who made contouring her trademark look and inspired endless Youtube beauty tutorials. Obviously, the making of real in 2016 is really a complicated one. At first glance, it indicates that lengthy-held conceptions of beauty are false and dated, but on the much deeper level it upholds another aspirational standard of appearance that is equally as hard to maintain. The general impression is the fact that really, very little has altered whatsoever.

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