What Is The Importance Of BB And CC Creams?

BB and CC creams are a combination of many of the advantages of using any traditional beauty products for the skin, but with some kind of coverage such as foundation with the sheerness of a tinted moisturizer. BB means ‘beauty balm’ while CC means ‘complexion corrector’ or ‘shade and correct.’ A beauty balm provides the user with immediate sheer coverage in addition to SPF. The complexion corrector provides the user with help to address any issues of redness or pale complexion as well as benefits of anti-aging.

The BB cream was specifically created for the young consumer at first, but older women also need it for the SPF value and moisturizing benefits. Both products offer advantages to good skincare, making the skin look flawless and show immediate results while improving over a short period of time.

Almost every BB and CC creams provide some type of protection from the sun, which is important, as a lot of the customary moisturizers used by women do not provide this.

When you apply the BB cream, it compares to switching from just an ordinary cream to one of a better standard. It delicately and pleasantly blurs any imperfections that you may have. You won’t feel like you are wearing heavy foundation and you don’t have to buy numerous products to get the same results. You have the ease of using one product that offers a variety of benefits. Both the BB and CC creams, when applied disappear into the texture of your face without leaving residue behind. Your face looks more radiant and glowing.

I found the Lira Clinical version of the BB cream quite appealing to a lot of women and it is certainly a stand out. Your skin will instantly look brighter and much smoother as the product is easily blended upon being applied.

CC cream provide additional coverage. It evens your skin tone and diminishes fine lines found around the eyes.

Coupled with the benefits of a daily moisturizer in addition to some color coverage, use of the BB or CC cream is certainly a no-brainer. The popularity of these alphabet creams continues to grow and already there is a DD cream entering the market.


What type of cream are you currently using? Is it working for you? Tell us what stands out the most? Have you heard about or tried any alphabet creams? If so, which one and how did it work. Let’s hear from you by leaving your comments on our website directly.

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