What happens if you drink five litres of undiluted squash? – BBC News

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Image caption The gorillas receive diluted squash every single day – though are unlikely to make use of straws

It’s emerged that Kumbuka, the gorilla that steered clear of from the enclosure at London Zoo, drank five litres (nine pints) of undiluted blackcurrant squash prior to being tranquillised. What impact would this have experienced on his health, asks Harry Low.

The western lowland silverback left his living room with an unlocked door and joined the zookeepers’ enclosure, where he grabbed his opportunity to drink something sweet – plenty of it.

He could have been more acquainted with the diluted form of that coffee, which forms area of the gorillas’ diet, based on a spokeswoman for that zoo, together with cold fruit tea and leafy vegetables for example cabbage and kale. They’re also given other vegetables including broccoli, carrots and cucumber.

Gorillas have quite large stomachs which means this epic helping of concentrated squash might have caused severe stomach pains and diarrhoea, based on Prof Phyllis Lee, a primatologist in the College of Stirling.

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“Five litres is a reasonably lot for any gorilla to eat all at once but given a gorilla’s manual skill, I’d think that some could have been spilled,” she states.


“He or she must have discovered it and brought his chance, much like the way a four-year-old child would.”

Lee added that they would expect the squash to modify the consistency of Kumbuka’s poo instead of its colour – even just in the situation of blackcurrant – though she added that they hadn’t studied the problem carefully.

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Image caption Kumbuka been successful in opening the bottle but might have spilled a number of its contents

What concerning the aftereffect of the sugar? Might this have caused an outburst of exercise when the aftereffect of the tranquilliser had worn out? Apparently not within this situation.

“Within two hrs Kumbuka was back together with his family, eating treats, and most likely wondering what all of the fuss involved,Inch based on Prof David Field, who transported out a study into last week’s incident.

Were built with a human drunk five litres of undiluted squash, the outcomes could have been similar, but possibly more extreme.

It might be nearly impossible for any human to consider much squash on, based on dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker.

“I’d imagine it might result in a very upset tummy and disrupt the digestive system,” she states.

Diarrhoea and sickness will be the primary signs and symptoms, she suggests, though they’d are not permanent too lengthy.

“It can’t cause lasting damage – maybe you’d have the effects for any day.”

Based on Phyllis Lee, Kumbuka’s size – he weighs 29 stone (184kg) – might have helped him deal with his squash-consuming binge.

There could have been no danger of overdosing on ascorbic acid, she states, with no harm to one’s teeth from only one episode of the kind.

“That will only result from constantly consuming sugary drinks.”

Media captionProfessor David Field, the zoological director at Londonzoo described to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme what Kumbuka did together with his freedom.


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