Tips for your combination skin


Combination skin type is niether dry nor oily, it’s generally a mixture of both. When you have a Combination skin type, many times you’ll recognize more oil on your forehead, nose and chin area. Another areas will be normal or dry and differs from person to person.

You can actually identify it by placing a tissue on your face, if your tissue has oily area in a “T” form i.e. your T- zone area- forehead, nose and chin. And that means you have Combination skin. Try this procedure after 1 or 2 hours once you’re done cleansing your face and do not wear any make-up to find the right result.

Reasons For Combination Skin:

Reasons can be different for different people – genetic, hormones etc.
Here we will help you figure out how to care for Combination skin and deal with some problems that trouble this skintype.
These skin tips will not just enable you to manage your issues but probably minimize them from happening all over again.

Best Advice For Combination Skin Care:

1. Avoid Soaps:

Avoid using soaps on your delicate facial skin. Soaps dehydrate your skin and can also cause irritations which further worsen your skin problems. Pick a gentle facial cleanser that will fit your skin you may also use a natural facial cleanser such as honey or milk for your skin.

2. Go along with CTM Routine:

When you go along with CTM routine – Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising, you can certainly anticipate perfect skin straight away. It clears out your complexion and helps prevent further skin troubles.

3. Use A Skin toner:

Skin toner is essential in everybody’s skin care routine especially individuals with combination to oily skin. It levels out your skin by reducing the previous traces of your facial cleanser helping in reducing open pores.

4. Moisturize Frequently:

Apply a light-weight moisturizer which moisturizes the dry areas and mattifies the oily areas on your facial area. A gel-based moisturizer or a gel-cream moisturizer usually works effectively.

5. Use A Sunscreen:

Don’t ever forget about the sunscreen. It really works as a protection for your skin whenever you go out. Invest in a sunscreen that’s appropriate for your skin type. Look for the product prior to purchasing.


6. Start Using A Facial cleanser:

After coming back home, always remove your makeup using a gentle cleanser before going to bed. Don’t allow your make-up stay on your skin for the entire night. Follow the CTM procedure here.

7. Use A Night Cream:

To obtain benefits use a night cream. It will restore and moisturize your skin giving it a glow in the morning as your skin absorbs all the vitamins from your night cream. Moreover, it functions as an anti-ageing tool as well.

8. Exfoliating Is Important:

Exfoliation is important to get rid of white heads, black heads and the dead skin cells. Exfoliation promotes the blood circulation and shines your skin. Exfoliation or scrubbing opens the skin pores and your skin starts breathing by absorbing the goodness of CTM, face pack and masks, night cream quickly.

9. Homemade Face Packs:

Use face packs and masks twice per week, a ready made one is simple to use even so, occasionally choose a homemade DIY pack or masks. Organic and natural and fresh ingredients increases wellness of your skin. Natural home remedies for combination skin often gives better results than the ones available in the market. Consider our post on face packs for combination skin.

10. Don’t Touch Your Face:

Do not touch your face as our hands carry a lot of bacterias. Don’t pick or squeeze your face because it will increase the size of open pores and oil glands will discharge more oil. This may lead to more skin issues.

These guidelines will definitely help everybody. Besides this, always look for the cause of your condition and work properly. Eat a balanced and healthy diet plan which includes vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, green vegetables, eggs, fish, dairy food etc. Drink lots of water or fruits juices and vegetable soups. Exercise means healthy body and healthy body means healthy skin. If you can’t go to gym, then try and take a quick walk. Every time you go out keep tissues, blotting papers handy. Always use the right products that are designed for your skin type.

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