Razor Bumps on Head: Quick Ways on How to Eliminate Shaving Bumps on Your Head

Razor Bumps or shaving bumps on the head looks very ugly and repulsive. It is technically known as Pseudofolliculities Barbae. Having a clean shaven head but one ravaged with razor bumps or shaving bumps is not only discomforting but also disheartening. It is is a bye product of shaving with razor blade especially when the shaving is improperly done. Once infected therefore there is the need to effect urgent treatment except you want to put up with the repulsive looks of all and sundry together with the discomfort that goes with it. This article is therefore all about the quick ways of eliminating razor bumps on the head.

  • Once you have developed bumps on your head, before doing anything else you should allow the hair to grow back for a while. Three to four days is recommended before shaving your head again. This way the skin on your head will be given some time to rest and the bumps allowed to heal.
  • Avoid touching, picking or squeezing on the razor bumps on your head. Doing so could make the bumps worse.
  • Apply after shave lotion after each shave. Endeavor to apply one with lidocraine, talc and oats.
  • Use of infant diaper cream is extremely effective in eliminating the bumps. Apply it gently on the head where it has developed or where you feel it might develop. Just like it is effective in clearing infant diaper rashes it is equally very effective in clearing bumps on the head.
  • Local antibiotics like ampiclox have been found to be effective too.
  • If all these methods prove ineffective endeavor to contact a dermatologist for proper treatment.

Best products to heal razor bumps or razor burn

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