Natural remedies for Blackheads

blackheads remedy

Black heads are black tiny bumps on skin. They are a mild type of acne and are clinically known as open comedones. Oddly enough, the black color of those comedones isn’t due to dirt.They seem dark and black in color as the oils are in contact with the oxygen in air. Though slightly raised, unlike pimples, black heads aren’t uncomfortable or irritated.

Most of the time, they seem as enlarged pores and black spots, especially around the nose area, chin, and cheeks.They are the result of a build-up of excessive oils and the dead skin cells resulting in clogged skin pores. So, this problem is much more common in people who have oily skin or combination skin.

Excess oil production, consequently, is caused by several factors such as hormone adjustments, genetic predisposition, stress, consumption of selected medications, environmental factors, and many others.Moreover, inappropriate skin care is another crucial cause resulting in blackheads. For instance, applying too much make-up, oil, or oil-based products raise your chances of developing this condition.

How to Get Rid of Black heads
Given below are 9 effective remedies for getting rid of black heads out of your skin.
Getting facial steam weekly or every alternate week is highly helpful for opening your skin pores and softening the sebum plugs causing blackheads. Because of this, you can put your face over the bowl of hot water for around 10-15 minutes. You might add dehydrated herbs or even a couple of drops of essential oils in boiling water to boost the strength of this treatment. Facial steaming and application of warm compresses makes it easier to get rid of the black heads. Therefore, work with this remedy before you apply any kind of face mask to remove this issue.
Scrub your skin with an oatmeal mask to get rid of black heads. To make the mask, add enough green tea or chamomile tea in a tbsp . of colloidal oatmeal to form a thin paste. You may make your own colloidal oatmeal from home by mincing rolled oats or quick oats in a mixer or coffee grinder to get a fine powder. After washing off the oatmeal mask from your face, dab hydrogen peroxide on the affected region by using a cotton ball.
Mash a couple of strawberries to get two tbsp of strawberry pulp. Combine a teaspoon of honey in this pulp to form a paste. Apply it to
your face and neck. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

There’s another fascinating home made peel off mask made by mixing half a cup of fresh lemon juice, orange juice, or tomato juice and a package of plain gelatin. You are able to heat this mix either on a stove-top or in a microwave oven for around 15 seconds. Allow set for about 5 minutes. Finally, brush it carefully on your face, particularly around your nose with a make-up brush or a small paintbrush and peel it off when it gets dry.
Whisk an egg white and apply a thin layer on your face, particularly around the nose. When it dries out, spread an additional layer. Let it dry around 15 minutes. Finally, wash it off with a warm, moist washcloth to reduce black heads naturally. You can follow this remedy once or twice weekly.
Work with an over-the-counter lotion or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide to eliminate black heads. It can be used around two times per day for about 4-6 weeks. Before using the cream, though, ensure that you clean your face completely. You may also use retinoids and cleansers that contain salicylic acid.
Take 1 / 2 a cup of boiling water and add one teaspoon of Epsom salt and 3 drops of iodine in it. Drop a cotton ball in this solution and put it on the affected areas to take care of black heads.
Applying blackhead strips or pore strips can be an effective way to improve black heads and blocked pores. Besides, you can go for comedone extractors that assist eliminate black heads through suction.
If nothing else works, you might take into account cosmetic treatments like laser or light therapy. In case you are thinking about a non-invasive treatment you might attempt chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

Suggestions to Prevent Black heads

Wash your face 2 times daily to eliminate the build-up of excess oil and the dead skin cells from the pores, therefore reducing the chances of developing black heads.
Scrub your skin regularly. However, don’t scrub your face excessively. Plus, avoid using coarse body scrubs on sensitive facial skin.
Stay away from oily cosmetic as well as hair care products.

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