How to Navigate through Facial Toner’s

It is frequently overlooked, but one of the most important steps to a skin care routine. Yes, we are talking about toner. The bottle that you purchased with a kit or received as a gift, is it collecting dust or are you using it daily? Let’s take a look to see if you should be using a toner, and when you should be applying this crucial step in your routine. Does your skin feel like it can’t get enough hydration, or maybe producing too much oil than you are used to? It may be time for a toner. It is your toner’s job to balance your skin and PH after cleansing. A cleanser and toner will marry together to properly clean the skin, making sure no impurities remain, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and glowing. Be sure to follow up with a moisturizer after application to ensure your smooth radiant skin will remain.

What is considered a neutral PH level for my skin?

Your skin is naturally acidic with a neutral PH level between 4.5 and 5.75. Our skin has a natural barrier called our Acid Mantle, its main role is to help protect the surface of our skin. Disrupting the skin’s PH balance can produce more oil, or make the skin feel tight and dry. A toner is important to keep the delicate balance of your skin. Once you have a noticeable change in your skin it may be time to balance your barrier.

Choosing a Toner based on your skin type: 

Dry or Sensitive Skin:
It is important to find a toner that is free of alcohol, and includes glycerin. Glycerin will hold onto water, therefore it will rehydrate the skin.


Normal or Combination Skin
: Toners in this skin group may contain a low amount of alcohol, or tea tree oil to reduce production of oil.

Oily or Acneic: Toner labeled as astringent will work best for acne prone skin as it will usually include ingredients to combat impurities such as salicylic, as well as a soothing agent such as eucalyptus.

How to restore skin PH balance:

  • Using the correct toner for your skin type
  • Applying toner AM and PM, or every other day to start

Benefits of using a toner:

  • Allows skin to absorb nutrients from product application
  • Corrects and restores the PH balance in your skin
  • Allows impurities to be released through the pores
  • Reveals a smooth surface for next step products
  • Rehydrates leaving dewy fresh skin

Where in my skin care regimen should I use my toner?

It is important to remember Toner will not replace your Cleanser. For best results it is recommended to apply toner after cleanser and before any Serums or Moisturizers. Let the Toner completely dry before applying next step products. Think of your toner as a part two to your cleanser.

What is the best way to apply a toner?

You have a couple of options when it comes to applying toner. A gentle spray directly on clean skin and allowing to dry works best. However, it can also be applied to a clean cotton round and applied to problem areas or all over. Follow up with your favorite serum or moisturizer once the toner has absorbed into your skin. Applying the toner will give your remaining products a fresh canvas.

Can Micellar Water be compared to Toner?

Unique in their own ways, but with strong similarities we can consider both toner and micellar water in the same category. Both will cleanse the skin and adjust PH. Micellar water can be recommended for all skin types even the most sensitive skin, while some toner’s can contain alcohol which can be too drying for sensitive skin. Micellar water has gentle cleansing and balancing benefits. It is imperative to choose the right option based on your skin type and skin care goals.

The next time you are shopping for skincare, or browsing your own collection, remember these steps to get the most out of your product at home.

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