Here’s Everything You Should Know About Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

I think most ladies would agree that under-eye circles are the absolute worst.

I mean seriously, theres nothing that will put a damper on your morning quite like waking up, looking in the mirror and discovering two gigantic, raccoon-esque rings under your eyes.

I mean, dont get me wrong; dark eyes look adorable on these little woodland creatures, but when it comes to people, those shadowy circleslookanything but chic.


Oftentimes, we blame our under-eye bags on not getting enough beauty rest.

But did you know those pesky creases under your peepers can be caused by a lot more thana lack of shut eye?


Yep, it turns out inadequate sleepis just one of the manythingsthat can keep your eyes from looking their best.

So before you curse yourbrightening cream ortoss yourfrozen spoons out of the window in a fit of rage, heres everything you need to know about those circles under your eyes and the best ways tofix them.

Whats the deal with dark circles?

Dark under-eye circles occur when light reflects off of the blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin and shows through the thin layer of skin around the eyes, known as theperiorbital area.

Fatigue is a common culprit.

When you dont get enough Zs, your body produces cortisol to give you the energy you need to stay awake.

The release of cortisol causes all of your blood vessels, including the ones in your eyes, toenlarge, which makes the dark-colored vessels more apparent in the area beneath your eyes.

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And so are allergies.

Allergies cause inflammation in the blood vessels under the eyes. Oftentimes, the inflamed vesselspress against the thin skin of the eyes and make the skinappear darker.

Common symptom of allergiesincludes itchy, watery eyes, which often causes you to rub your eyes, damage the blood vessels and make the circles even worse.

But thats not all. Allergies can also result in blocked nasal passages, which cause the veins from the eyes and nose to dilate and become darker. This also contributes to the appearance of dark circlesunder your eyes.

If allergies are the issue, you can try taking an OTCantihistamine toalleviate some of thesymptoms or use a neti pot to clear your nasal passage and reduce congestion.

Your genetics can also be to blame.

There are a variety of hereditary conditions that can causecirclesbeneath your eyes.

If you are born with fair or relatively thinskin around the eyes, the blood beneath the skin willbe more visible, making thearea under your eyes darker.

People with darker skin tones are oftenprone toperiorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition in which the body produces more melanin in the skin around the eyes, thus giving theskin a deeper pigment.

Bags to the bone.

Sometimes, the circles under your eyes are caused by your bone structure instead ofyour skin.

Deep tear troughs under the eyes can produce ashadowing effect that causes the skin under your eyes to look dark.

If youre looking to fix the problem, youre best bet is toeven out the under-eye area by getting dermal fillers.

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Youre so vein.

Are the bags under your eyes predominately blue? If the answer is yes, your blood vessels may be to blame.

Blue veins show through the transparent skin aroundyour eyes, which makes you look like you have dark bluish circles beneath your peepers.

If youre looking for a way to cure the blues, acolor-correcting concealershould do the trick.

Easy on the eyes.

Constantly rubbing your eyes will make dark circles even worse, sinceit causes the fragile blood vessels in your eyes to break and leak blood into the affected area.

In addition to damaging blood vessels, rubbing your eyes also creates friction on the skin, which canlead to hyperpigmentation of theskin aroundthe eyes.

To avoid this problem, stop rubbing your lids andmake sureyou are extra gentle when removing eye makeup.

It only getsworse with age.

As you age, your skin starts to become thinner and more translucent as it loses collagen. This makes theblood vessels beneath the skin become evenmore visible and makes the whole areaunder your eyes appear darker.

To combat the problem, you can use a collagen-building treatment, such as retinol cream and an eye serum that contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin.

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Makeup can make it even worse.

If you reach for your makeup bag ever timeyoure plagued with those pesky circles, you might actually be making your under-eye woes even worse.

Beauty products applied around the eyes can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions, which worsens the circles.

So, if you notice that your newmascarais makingyou rub your eyes a lot, you might wantfind a different formula.

Protect your peepers.

Its no secret thatthe suns rayscan wreak havocyour skin, but did you know it can alsoexacerbate you under-eye issues? The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and delicate, which makes it extremely susceptible to sun damage.

Sun exposurecan dilate blood vessels, which makes them more visible through the transparent skin under the eyes. Or, it can prompt your body to produce melanin, which makes the skin appear darker.

Therefore, its important to protect your under-eyes with SPF andwear shades as much as possible.

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