Dermaroller & Its Benefits

Derma roller on What Is A Dermaroller & What Are Its Benefits

I’ve tried every miracle skin cure in the book in order to heal my skin-related woes, and none did as much for me over the course of years as derma rolling has done for me in this relatively short period of time.

Although I must day, skin mists did work great!

How it works on What Is A Dermaroller & What Are Its Benefits

Recommended to me by my doctor, I was initially interested in derma rolling when I learned what it could do for my acne scarring, but that was before I realized that it could remedy a number of other skin problems I was suffering from as well.

While derma rolling did not fully eliminate my acne scarring over the course of the three months (I performed bi-weekly treatments with a 0.75 mm needle roller), it did wear the scarring down tangibly, and there is promise for greater results to be achieved with a continued steady schedule of treatments.

The stretch marks on my thighs are the most faded they have been since before my pregnancy, my mild skin discoloration is less noticeable than ever, and my skin has a more youthful complexion and look.

I can’t wait to see what another three months of derma rolling will do for me – find out what it can do for you by trying derma rolling today!

Still working for me on What Is A Dermaroller & What Are Its Benefits

2018 Update: Is The Derma Roller Still Working For Me?

There’s nothing revolutionary about the derma roller – rather ironically.

It’s a relatively old form equipment that is based on a timeless principle of our skin.

So it’s easy for me to see why it would have a long-term appeal for anyone involved with professional or even amateur skin care treatments.

Personally, the idea of derma rolling is something that will always appeal to me.

It’s less of a product and really more of a technique – much like a steam treatment or a facial mist.

So in my opinion, it’s not going to go out of style anytime soon.

It’s a quick and effective way to treat irritable, dry skin and is great at tackling spotty complexions and uneven skin tones.

In fact, one derma rolling session a month has been more effective for me than all of the products I used to use in the past.

It’s a simple and primitive principle that has consistent results – and great results at that.

I’ve become deeply attached to my derma roller and always keep it clean.

I’ve even gone so far as to buy a few additional attachments to get different results or experiment with them.

So as far as 2018 stands – I can comfortably say I’m very happy with my derma roller and probably will be for a while.

So long as you take care of your tool, it’ll take care of you in return.

A properly kept derma roller is basically the skin care gift that keeps on giving.

There’s something so charming about the sheer simplicity of this tool and it’s ease of use, that makes it appealing on a lot of levels.

It’s highly effective, not too expensive (depending on the brand or model you choose to buy) and can be used by yourself.

This is a one of the main reasons I would recommend it over laser surgery.

There are a number of cases that prove how volatile laser surgery can be and much damage it can cause – not to mention the huge costs involved with the process.

So instead of taking the risk (and spending all that cash), try a simpler. more natural option.

Stick with your derma roller like I’ve stuck with mine and the results will have you smiling every day.

So in short – yes, the derma roller still works perfectly for me and will always rank highly on my list of important equipment necessary for healthy skin care.

I hope this helps to show you why it would be worthwhile investing in one of these sooner rather than later.

Conclusion on What Is A Dermaroller & What Are Its Benefits


It’s important, as always, to note that one skin treatment should not make up all of your skin treatment.

Derma rolling can work wonders for your ailing skin but you should not become overly reliant on it or any one skin treatment in particular.

Using a proper facial cleanser or incorporating a series of essential oils into your routine, for example, can go a long way towards boosting the health and appearance of skin and are always highly recommended.

Skin condition on What Is A Dermaroller & What Are Its Benefits

Another important point to make is that derma rolling is not an noninvasive practice.

Opening your skin in any capacity can present certain risks – it is absolutely vital that you consult a skin care specialist or physician before derma rolling.

Be sure not to use your derma roller over an area of your skin that is particularly sensitive or irritated as this may serve to exacerbate the irritation.

Apply soothing ointments and oils to the skin in order to heal the area before derma rolling.

This is a good rule of thumb to follow in general: listen to your skin.

Don’t take unnecessary risks for the sake of beginning your derma rolling routine.

Better safe than sorry!

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