Acne Skin Care Tips

Acne can have a devastating affects on peoples life’s if not treated leading to depression in a lot of cases. Some people will stay indoors because they have acne. This is no way to live a life and some thing must be done ASAP. If you are in this situation and looking for acne skin care tips you have come to the right place.

The first thing I would like to say is there is help out there and many things will cure your acne. I would like to provide you with some very useful acne skin care tips that will help improve the state of your skin. I will also tell you what you should avoid doing to make your acne worse.

Now you might be reading through the acne skin care tips and thinking to your self this is just common sense I already know all this. But believe me a lot of people do the following things every day and make there acne even worse.

The first acne skin care tips I would like to talk about is the food you eat. You can eat what ever you want. The food you put in your body will not make one bit of difference to the state of your skin. This is a myth that has been around for a long time.

If your not sure ask your doctor and he will tell you the same thing it will not make one bit of difference if you eat chocolate or crisps of other fatty food so just enjoy your food and eat what you like.

The next acne skin care tip is about sun beds. Although sun beds can make you look better and even dry out spots there not good for you in the long run and can even make things worse if you over do it. The best thing to do is keep off the sun beds but if you cant I would recommend only going on once every month.

Or even better would be to get away on holiday for two week of real sun. Real sun and the salt water from the sea dose seam to help acne a lot and I would highly recommend you get away for two weeks to some were hot if you can.

The next acne skin care tip is to not scrub your face hard when cleaning. A lot of people use acne cleaning pads and really scrub there face hard and this can irritate your acne and make it flair up even worse. I recommend using just soap and water with your hands but make sure you get pure soap with no perfumes or colors and this soap makes things worse.

Do not ever dig your nails into your spots and make them bleed when trying to squeeze. Always clean your hands use tissue a small sterilized needle to make a small incision to the skin and try not to make your spot bleed. This is the most important thing because every time you bleed you are making a new scare.

Another big acne skin care tips is to not hide your spots or cover them up. For acne to heal it needs air and needs to be cleaned twice a day. Do not over clean because this can make things worse twice a day if fine. Do not cover up your acne with hair. I know this can be difficult because people want to hide there acne.

What a lot of people do is grow a big fringe to hide the acne. This is a big problem because the skin is getting no air and bacteria is building up and making things 100 times worse. Also if you have to wear a hard hat for work do not put your hard hat over your acne on your forehead again this can cause your acne to flair up 100 times worse.

Also normal hats that you might wear every day can also be a big problem. People want to hide there acne so will constantly put hats on over there acne. I cannot stress the importance of not doing this. All this will do is make more spots and lead to scaring for the rest of your life.

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