6 Tips for Healthy Skin – Travel Edition

Whether you are traveling for work, traveling for school, or just on vacation, traveling can wreak havoc on our skin. Have you ever noticed your skin feels extra dry when traveling? A lot of factors can affect that. When we travel, we can stress out, and our skin will start to show breakouts or produce more oil. Dryness can occur from different climate changes as well. Flying, driving, whatever the case may be, these travel tips will help you keep healthy glowing skin the whole time. It doesn’t matter where your destination is, whether you’ve decided to head to the beach and sun, or maybe you will be indoors in a conference whatever the case may be, follow these simple steps to guarantee a great trip and great skin! Shop all Skin Beauty favorite travel kits here

1. Stay hydrated with a sheet mask.

Have you ever sat on a plane adjusting your air vent and notice how dry your skin feels? Chances are, when you fly, your skin is being exposed to toxins and pollutants in the air. Along with forced air blowing directly at you, this can be a recipe for dry skin. One of our favorite tips for combatting dry skin while traveling is to wear a face mask. A sheet mask is perfect for this as they tend to be mess-free, with easy clean-up. So slide on your mask, sit back and relax and when you arrive at your destination, your skin will be hydrated and glowing. Another thing to remember when you are traveling is you are probably not drinking as much water as you regularly would. Traveling can be stressful, and chances are once you’ve gone through your entire packing checklist, loaded your luggage, and arrived, you probably haven’t drunk much water. So hydration can be a crucial step to making sure your skin stays stress-free.

2. Consider environmental changes.

Are you traveling to a sunny climate, humid, maybe snowy, and cold? Take into consideration that your skin may need extra love during this time. If you are traveling to a humid climate, you may need to spend more time at night cleansing or exfoliating your skin. A cold environment may require a barrier cream or chapstick to prevent skin from drying out; you may even need to increase your moisturizer use. If you walk around a city all day, you may need to bring along an excellent cleanser to remove debris from the pores.

3. Travel-sized products will come in handy.

Travel-sized products are perfect for convenient travel. Perfect for bringing along on planes, or just easier to store in your suitcase. Packing can be a daunting task; free up some room with travel-sized products. Most skincare brands offer travel-sized versions of your favorite products. Smaller products are also a plus; if you forget your favorite product in the hotel room, bathroom sink, restaurant, we aren’t judging! Travel-sized products come in just about any product, cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, etc.

4. Bring along makeup wipes in your carry on.

I always feel bad using a plush stark white hotel washcloth to remove mascara and lipstick, so I always bring along some makeup wipes. Not only are these handy after a long day to remove the majority of your makeup before cleansing, these come in handy during travel times as well. Makeup wipes are perfect for the airport, road trips, beach days; you never know when you may need one. Pro tip: Using a makeup wipe shouldn’t replace cleansing; a makeup wipe will remove most makeup; always follow up with a cleanse. Not only are makeup wipes excellent for their intended use, but when on the go, you never know when you may need a backup to clean up a spill or clean a dirty surface; these work perfectly.

5. Protect your skin with an SPF.

An SPF sounds like a given when talking about vacation but let’s be honest; it’s frequently forgotten when packing. Sure, if you go to a sunny warm climate, you want to bring along an SPF or two and reapply as the directions state. I recommend traveling with an SPF all the time, but there may be times when we don’t think about it. For example, an elevation change can expose your skin to the sun like never before; make sure you make a note of this when packing. Although it will be essential to pack enough for the duration of your stay, it may be convenient to put your SPF in a few different travel size cases; that way, you always have one handy.

6. Save your dry hands with hand cream.

Chances are, whenever you are traveling, you apply hand sanitizer like it is your job. However, too much hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing can be too drying on your hands. Make sure to toss in a hand cream to either your luggage, purse, or carry-on. You never know when you may need a little extra hydration.

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