5 Reasons To Head To Morocco If You Want An All-Natural Beauty Regimen

Vitamin D is a factor The other agents has lots of, making ita perfect travel destination when you are after your yearly golden tan.

However a tan is one thing you will get anywhere, and The other agents offers a lot more beauty than that.

As the house of organic oils, fragrances, henna, remedies and natural, exotic beauty secrets, The other agents is usually the is know for beauty.

Have no idea what i’m saying?

Listed here are five ways the Moroccans get it done:

Argan Oil

Moroccan argan oil is world-famous because of its incredible beautifying and health characteristics. Theplant oil, madefrom native Moroccan organ tree kernels, can be used as cookingand,more generally, in haircare and products.

Moroccan traditions include weekly cleansing rituals, where women go to a hammam, a communal sauna and bath, including argan oil at nearly every process from scrubbing and steaming to massages and hair masks.

Like a salve for dry hair and skin, the 100 % natural method is the foundation from the beauty regime of each and every Moroccan or Arab lady, which iswhy endless apothecaries lure women using the commitment of liquid gold inside a bottle.

It is not a tough sell, but it’s an costly one.It requires 30 kilograms of fruit to create two kilograms of kernels, which makes a person literof argan oil.

Just one litertakes the typical cooperative worker (often a lady) per week to create. Its a task, nevertheless its worthwhile.

Acrylic Fragrances

Just try to really make it through a vacation to The other agents without having to be enticed through the countless perfumes and fragrances the county provides, then youve clearly been travelling together with your nose pinched.

The scents of Arabia sandalwood, amber, 1000 flowers, frankincense, jasmine, musk and out abound in The other agents, transported upon your skin, scarves and cotton clothes from the locals.

Small clouds vital hover around both men and women, who put on not only perfume, but a little bit of ancient history.

These beautiful essential oils are available in small glass bottles, as well as their scent is really intense, small dabs from the stuff are sufficient to show the noses of anybody you walk past.



Henna is among the most typical, natural ways women boost their beauty. Its not only a tradition in The other agents, but throughout the entire Arab and Indian world

One step into Moroccos famous apothecaries will highlight the numerous ways henna can be used to boost what you have. With intricate prints and patterns colored on skin, lipstick produced from henna plant flowers as well as hair dye, henna may be the purest type of body adornment.


The initial smokey eye could be clearly related to Arab and South Asian women and men.

Kohl eye liner is made of grinding a crystialised mineral known as stibniteto create a natural eye cosmetic, that has lengthy been utilized by women, as well as men and kids, as makeup.

In ancient occasions and currentlyin some remote villages throughout The other agents and also the Arab world, women will paint your eyes of newborns and youthful children to bolster the children’s eyes, but more to the point, to safeguard them in the evil eye.

Although the original causes of putting on kohl eye liner have lengthy been abandoned for additional modern reasons, the dark eye shadows is definitely probably the most beautiful methods to add depth and intensity towards the eye and enhance naturalbeauty.

Black Soap

Moroccan black soap, or savon noir, is made of essential olive oil pulp and argan oil. Its one hundred percent natural product, renowned for its use within hammams traditional Moroccan/Arab baths and saunas.

Its exfoliating, moisturizing qualities allow it to be not only a regular body scrub, however a staple in many hammams as well as in most Moroccan beauty regimes.

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