Kako bi održali svoje ruke meke i živih

Kako bi održali svoje ruke meke i živih

Kako bi održali svoje ruke meke i živih

The face may seem like a 20-year-old only one review your hands can reveal how old you are or worse, cause you to look over the age of you’re if you don’t take good proper care of them. However a couple of, simple measures will go a lengthy means by keeping the hands soft and youthful. Make-up artist Preeti Dahiya suggests a couple of tips.

An easy approach to take proper care of this issue would be to moisturise both your hands daily and also at regular times.

  • Moisturise both hands daily at regular times.
  • Put on mitts while gardening, washing clothes or doing kitchen work. Inače, simply oil both hands before any work involving water so that your hands don’t look depleted and shateringly dry.
  • It’s advisable to obtain a manicure from the reputed salon that practise good hygiene procedure. Once per week, you ought to soak their hands in soap and water for a few minutes after which file their nails before you apply nail paint. You ought to not scrap off nail paint as this weakens their nails.
  • Također, eliminate dirt and the dead skin cells by exfoliating both your hands. This not just makes hands look pretty and youthful, but doing this also improves bloodstream circulation.


  • Mix a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, a tablespoon of glycerine along with a couple of drops of rosewater. Apply this mix two times each day for smooth hands.
  • Have a lemon and work into half. Put half tablespoon of sugar in it and rub it to deal with. This can help to get rid of tan and provide both hands a level tone.
  • Mashed taters combined with milk are ideal for &nbspa hands mask.
  • Eat foods wealthy in calcium like milk products for healthy nails.
  • Soaps (bar or liquid) created for sensitive skin are the most useful option for our hands. Soap with essential olive oil and jojoba is a great option as it doesn’t dry your skin, or strip your skin of their skin oils.


In case your hands happen to be wrinkly, only moisturising it might not help. You are able to go for treatments for example fillers and rf skin tightening. Both methods help restore the lost volume and plumpness from the hands which help them become soft like before

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