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NEW Anti-Aging Youth Serums: 6 Serums for ultra-targeted action with infinite combination possibilities. These six new serums were inspired by dermo-esthetic procedures which targets each sign of aging, for all skin ages.

Unifying Youth Serum:
This serum with its matte effect texture helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections – pigment, all types of pores and visibly smoothes wrinkles on the skin’s surface. Inspired by two dermo-esthetic techniques – laser and LED.

Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth Serums: This serum with its glowy texture and powerful anti-oxidants detoxifies the skin and protects against free radicals and optimizes cell renewal for a healthy radiant skin. Inspired by detox program.

Wrinkle-specific Youth Serum: The serum with its melting texture visibly fills existing wrinkles, softens expression lines, smooths the skin’s surface and prevents further signs of aging. Inspired by the dermo-esthetic technique of hyaluronic acid injections.

Firming-specific Youth Serum: This serum with a stretch effect gel texture helps firm the skin, visibly lifts the features and prevents skin sagging. Inspired by the dermo-esthetic technique of radiofrequency.

Reconstructive Youth Serum: This serum with its ultra-nourishing texture envelopes the skin bringing greater density and vitality and improving all the signs of aging. Inspired by the dermo-esthetic technique of mesotherapy.

Perfect Shape Youth Serum: This serum instantly reshapes the facial contours and restores the oval of the face. Tightens the neck and smoothes the décolleté. Inspired by two dermo-esthetic techniques of ultrasound and lifting threads.

Sensations Orientales: A relaxing, exotic and captivating unisex treatment with an oriental fragrance of Amber & Myrrh. A handmade scrubbing clay stone, exclusive to Sothys, is used on the body for exfoliation.

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